Uber Freight takes off on a jerky note

Uber has been in the market for now around 7 years and it has created a stronghold in the industry. From being a ride-sharing company it has come a long way and it is making efforts to expand its horizon. At present, the company has taken a step forward in the field of trucking.

Unfortunately, it seems like the start of with the trucking for Uber has not been great enough. The analysts have been questioning what the company will be able to bring out with a reclining 700 million dollars worth industry. Uber has planned to disrupt the complete trucking business with its new age technological services.

Efforts to connect Truckers and Shipping Cargos

The company has planned on self-driving truck and smartphone based logistics services.  This is what the company has planned to do, to offer better options to the truckers and have the packages delivered in no time. Industry watchers have been able to observe the efforts which have the company made to connect the truckers and the consignments from the shipping cargos to be delivered.

Self-Driving Trucking at Stake

A lawsuit has been filed on the company for theft of trade secrets which is linked to the purchase of the Otto self-driving trucking company last year for around 680 million dollars. Due to this particular speculation, the pilot program for the self-driving has put on halt for time being.

Meanwhile, the Otto engineers have been deployed all over again for the trucking business based upon the reports from the state agencies and the officials from the company. It is clear that the company Uber cab software will not be able to use its self-driving trucks unless and until there is a verdict given to the appeal which had been made.

Is there a need of broker?

In simple words, we can say that Uber Freight is the broker between the truckers and the cargos. The truckers have the option to search the jobs and choose according to their convenience. Truckers have the option to be able to find the jobs with the cargos which they can get delivered.

The only thing they need to do is use the app search for the job and get the consignment delivered. When a trucker performs the same task on a normal basis, it would take them around 30 days to receive the money for the job. But, when it comes to Uber, there is no need to wait for 30 long days, Uber gives an assurance on dectar - uber clone that the truck drivers will be paid within 7 days once they have delivered the goods.

Amidst the scandals

We can see that the company is making efforts to grow bigger and better amidst the scandals which have been posed by the company since the beginning of the year. The DeleteUber campaign, the confession of an ex-employee of sexual harassment at the workspace, then again the argument of CEO with a driver and recently a miscalculation with the commission with NYC drivers, all these has been happening and the company is struggling hard.

In a recent investigation made at Uber for the complaints about sexual harassment, the company has expelled 20 of its employees who were found to be involved. Though the company is going through a rough patch and under the scrutiny of the public eye we can the company is making progressive steps in bringing changes to uber for x startups the way the company is being run.

Accelerating the business

The executives of the company have accelerated the start for the trucking business. It is said that this endeavor is at full throttle and will be able to make business as well. Bill Driegert who is director of operations for Uber Freight stated that the freight business is shipping companies which are quite popular and have a large group of drivers who help to deliver the goods in no time and use the service on a regular basis as well.

He also said that the company has completely involved itself in it and will be making sure that it goes long way and the business will definitely bring in a difference for sure. The self-driving trucks of Uber and Uber Freight are not in the same line of business and they are being handled separately.

No plans of hooking up Uber Freight and Uber Self-Driving Trucks

The company said that there are no plans as of yet which will combine both the ventures as one part. For time being both the services will be provided in a different lane of paths. Otto has yet to have a commercial product for the buyers to buy in the first place. It is definite that there is enough time for both the ventures to fall into right place and things might change from there on.

Truckers might use Self-Driving

Co-Founder of Otto Lior Ron said that there was an expectation that the truckers might use the technology of self-driving trucks as a freight to haul. This was even before Uber went ahead and acquired the latter and became a part of the company. It is said that the service will be made available under Uber by 2017.

It seems that the prediction has been pretty close enough and here is the company is into the freight business and it is making baby steps towards progress. In April, it is said that the company has actually resigned the name “Otto” and there was no specific explanation given to why that change was made.

At present, the business is been clumped up with Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) a firm which specifically works on technologies which are related to self-driving and mapping of the locations of the cities and states. It is clear that there are certain unsaid changes which are taking place in the company.

Creating connections between Truckers and Shippers

Uber has taken the initiative to create a feasible and easier way to connect the shippers and the truck drivers. The company wants to ensure that there are more possibilities for the people to find jobs and make money in no time rather than waiting for too long to accomplish the same.

There are drivers who sit down for hours to be able to find one job for transporting the cargos from one location to the other. The predominant reason behind this is for the company to bring in this service is to make it easier for the truck drivers to find subsequent jobs and make a livelihood for themselves.

Will Uber Freight make it large?

This is the question which needs a rock solid answer, as it is being built amidst all the allegations and speculations which have been made against the company. Though the company states that this service is at full throttle and there are drivers who are using in on a regular basis.

We can still see that Uber is stumbling and faltering to be able to gain back the trust amongst its investors and the drivers as well. The company has gone through all the ups and downs and has come a real long way. It is high time now there are changes made in which ways the company is being run, to make sure that it stays on the top in its industry.